Thursday, 30 December 2010

New Year

Well, it's been over a month since I last posted. It's been a very busy month in my life. School wrapped up about 10 days ago, and I've been trying to balance work and play this holiday break.

The Canadian juniors are on a roll in Buffalo, pummeling their opponents, hopefully on their way to anotehr gold medal. Hopefully, the ending to this year's tournament will be a little better than what happened last year. Apparently, Canadians flooding down to Buffalo have caused border delays...oh how much we love hockey.

The Raps and Leafs are just chugging along as expected, nothing too fancy going on there. Whether either of them will make the playoffs is probably an unlikely scenario, but people fill the ACC to see them either way. The sports championship drought in Toronto is getting to people here. They're sort of losing hope. When the Jays start their play in April, we'll hear all the cynics come out once again.

In the meanwhile, have a great new year! Looking forward to more sports moments in 2011.


Saturday, 27 November 2010

Grey Cup Weekend

It may be Thanksgiving weekend in the US, but it's Grey Cup time up in Canada. The Canadian Football League will crown a champion tomorrow afternoon in Edmonton as the Saskatchewan Roughriders face off against the Montreal Alouettes (who crushed the TO Argos last weekend by 31 points). It may not have the glamour of the Super Bowl, but believe it or not, this will be the 98th Grey Cup final. It's got a much longer and storied history than that of the Super Bowl. In fact, I learned last week that the University of Toronto was the first institution to win the Cup itself. Interesting stuff.

Also interesting is the Raptors run this past week, winning 4 straight games before dropping the last one in Boston. During that stretch, they beat Philadelphia twice, Houston once, and get this, Boston once. Still though, this team is just too weak and too shallow to consistently post streaks like that. They're playing at the ACC tomorrow against Atlanta.

The Leafs, in the meanwhile, have been the subject of much discussion in Toronto lately. This morning, I was listening to the sports radio and they were talking about what would makes this season a sucessful one for the Leafs. Is it making the playoffs? Is it not finishing second last again? Is it developing the young guns? What do you think?

It snowed this morning in Hogtown!! It was only a dusting but very exciting stuff!! Ah, gotta love the winter!


Sunday, 21 November 2010

MVP from TO

Canadian boy Joey Votto was named the National League's Most Valuable Player yesterday, joining a very elite club of Canadian major leaguers who have won the coveted prize!

The most exciting thing, I think, is that the man is in fact from right here in Toronto. He went to Richview CI, a TDSB public high school out in the west end of the city. And although he plays for the Cincinatti Reds now, it's always wonderful to see a hometown boy win the most glorious trophy in the league.

Josh Hamilton was named the AL MVP earlier today. A great choice on the writers' part. I've agreed with the major choices for the awards this year. Felix Hernandez and Roy Halladay definitely deserved their Cy Youngs, though it was a tough decision in a year dominated by pitchers!

Was talking to my friend about the future of Roger Federer, who lost to Gael Monfils earlier this month at the ATP Tour Finals. We agreed that it would be very hard for the Maestro to ever regain the #1 position, unless Nadal injures himself and misses out on multiple Slams. Federer is just ONE week away from tying Sampras for the most weeks at #1. Go Roger though. I hope he wins at least a couple other majors before retiring. Australian Open 2011 anyone?


Friday, 19 November 2010

TO Sports

Well, it's been a busy couple of weeks at school for me but also a busy couple of weeks in the sports leagues.

First of all, the Toronto teams have just been downright depressing. We thought that the Leafs were off to a mind-blowing start of 4-0-0. They were sitting atop the division. The Leafs spirit was very much alive in the streest of TO. We were GOING TO win the Cup. This was OUR year. And look how that is turning out now...2-6-2 in the last 10 games and an overall record of 7-8-3. But hey, they have won the last two in style, so maybe things will turn around.

The Raptors on the other hand, are performing just as people expected them to. Off to a 3-9 start, the Raps sit in 4th place in the Atlantic Division. This is a blessing in disguise though, I think. They have no pressure or expectations going into this year, and this will be really good, I think, for developing some of the young guns on the team. After losing Bosh, they don't really have a franchise player to build around. Is is Bargnani? Is it Calderon? I don't know.

Felix Hernandez out in Seattle got the congratulatory call from Major League Baseball today as he was named the AL Cy Young Award winner. It's quite refreshing to see an ace from a last place team earn the award based on merits like ERA and WHIP instead of wins. Congrats Felix! The man is like 23 years old! Mark my words, this won't be his only Cy.

And you can also mark my words on Derek Jeter resigning with the Yankees before the visit from Santa.


Friday, 29 October 2010

The World Series

Ah, October baseball at its best.

The World Series has commenced and it has commenced in dramatic fashion. The San Francisco Giants, certainly not prohibited favourites by any means has taken two straight from the Texas Rangers, shutting them down last night 9-0 in AT & T Park.

Matt Cain pitched deep into the 8th and walked off to a roaring ovation. To be honest, I have been quite surprised by San Fran's 2-0 lead in the Series. Lincecum didn't look like the usual Lincecum in the first game. The Giants defense was playing horribly to start off the Series. But still, the offensive outburst has carried them through (20 runs in 2 games). And to have done it against Cliff Lee and CJ Wilson, it's quite amazing.

I'm still rooting for Texas though. I want to see a team that has never won the trophy win it all. On the other hand though, the Giants haven't won since the days of Jackie Robinson. Ah...I love series like these.


Sunday, 17 October 2010


Halladay vs. Lincecum was rather disappointing last night. I expect a match-up for the ages with both hurlers dominating the opposing line ups. Instead, it was only a mediocre performance from both of them. Though the score was close, 4-3 in favour of San Fran, the drama was underwhelming to say the least. Philadelphia fans were really into it though!! I got goosebumps when they went beserk whenever the Phils knocked one out of the park. I wanna see Halladay in the World Series so I'll be rootin' for the Phillies in this one. Oswalt vs. Sanchez tonight. Should be a pretty good one too.

Yanks and Tex tied at 1. Not really surprising since both teams have so much depth. I think Texas will eventually prevail in this one though. Cliff Lee's dominance will be hard to overcome. The Yankees can hit for sure but they NEED CC Sabathia to come through big (unlike in Game 1).

The Toronto Maple Leafs are 4-0-0. Fans here say hell froze over. This hockey city is surely enjoying the run though. Hope they keep it up all the way to March. Then it'll be REAL interesting. I think they honestly can, if Kessel and the first line keeps playing like the way they have.


Wednesday, 6 October 2010


For more than a decade, Roy Halladay lived in relative obscurity in one of the most cities of Major League Baseball. He labored in Toronto for 13 long years before finally getting his shot at October glory with the Philadelphia Phillies.

Earlier this evening, the Doc took to the mound in the City of Brotherly Love and showed no love to his NLDS opponents, the Cincinnati Reds. He mowed them down in just the SECOND no-hitter in the 128 year history of playoff baseball. In 128 years, there has only been ONE no-hitter tossed. Think about that. Can you say E-P-I-C?!

With this new dose of energy injected into the Phillies squad, I think they should now be considered the favorites for the World Series title. My pick for the October Classic later this month? Phila vs. Tampa. Yes, repeat of 2008. In the meanwhile, I'm rootin' for Halladay's Phils, Bobby Cox's Braves, Joe Mauer's Twins, and Cliff Lee's Rangers. Who are you cheering for?


Monday, 4 October 2010

October Baseball

That was quite an exciting end to the 2010 baseball season.

The Jays took 3 out of 4 in Minny. Jose Bautista ended up with 54 bombs. The Jays had a 10 game improvement over 2009. All the loose knots were tied up for Toronto.

Atlanta secured itself a Wild Card spot. The Rays took the AL East title from the Yanks. San Diego disappointingly choked in the last second. I really wanted to see a one game playoff though. Those are ALWAYS very tense and exciting. But hey, I'm looking forward to the LDS's.

Been really busy these days, preparing for university applications and scholarships and such. Watching sports has really been a stress reliever though. Yesterday morning, I caught live coverage of the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games in New Delhi. It was great to see some Indian culture on display. Being a Chinese and a Canadian who's seen both his cultures on display for the world, I think I really have an appreciation for these ceremonies now. Though I'm not sure JaiHo was the right choice to end off the ceremony.

Canada is already on the board after Day 1 with 1 gold and 3 bronze. Don't think they'll beat the Aussies though.